Latest News 08/05/04 McAnnre Venture Ltd. Co aims to improve the lifestyles of our fellow Bukidneños by giving them the best services McAnnre can offer. Details
Latest News 08/05/04 McAnnre Venture Ltd. Co aims to improve the lifestyles of our fellow Bukidneños by giving them the best services McAnnre can offer. Details
PhilREGISTER ( A Domain Registrar situated in Cagayan de Oro City
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McAnnre.NET ( located also in Cagayan de Oro City where we provide Total E-Solution.
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Greenwich Villa (
Greenwich Villa is a future residential venture soon to be developed located in Balulang, cagayan de Oro City.
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Lanzones Cabana ( is a future resort to be developed soon located in Camiguin Province.
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Internet Portals. A gateway for more business offers in the future.
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Internet Portals
– Kaamula Festival in Bukidnon
This is your Access to the street party of Bukidnon. The name Kaamulan is Binukid for "social gathering". On Sept. 16, 1977, the Regional Development Council adopted Kaamulan as the regional festival of northern Mindanao.

Witness as the tourists were enticed by genuine ethnic tribes who participated in the festivity. Dance workshops were organized by them, which can be compare to an ethnic Woodstock using real native drums and musical instruments which usually takes place in the afternoon. Join them thru surfing this site! – Gateway to Bukidnon
Visit the site of the 'food basket' region in the Philippines thru the Know this province beyond its cool plateaus. People here is being called as Bukidnon, meaning the "people in the mountains", from where the place derived its name. Discover its natural wonders and the cultural heritage if can offer to you. – Sinulog Festival in Cebu
Enjoy this festival in Cebu thru It has on-line hotel reservation system, e-commerce and donations. It offers a list of tourist's destinations such as the Sinulog festivity, sports' activities, historical sites, church visitations, museums stop-overs and promotion of Cebu-made products which can be purchase on-line. – Philippines Delicacy Mall
If you want to indulge all your gastronomic desires with the Filipino savor that you want, this is the place you ought to be! You can choose from the line of native foods that would suit your finicky taste. Remember you have to get a pasalubong for that someone special. Shop here for all of these delightful things and buy them on-line. Within reach as it can be! – Philippine Premier Internet Directory
This is the venue where you would acquire the necessary information of the wide-ranging catalog. Take your pick and start looking for those most wanted names and sites. And surely, you will find it with us. – Philippine Money Remittance
Need help to secure transaction of your funds, payments or allowances? We present in the web. It is an on-line Money Remittance in the surface of the Philippine website. Trust and we will take care your hard-earned money to their designations on time. – Your Click for Philippine Politician Information
For all the questions you wanted to know about the politicians in the Philippines, here's which is a only place in the Internet to get facts about the public official in particular region, province, city or town. A provider of balanced reports and information about the politicians, as well as government. – Gateway to the Philippine Government
Calling to all Pinoys! There is now which is a Gateway for Filipino Citizens and Businesses to facilitate a connection with the Philippine Government online in any given time and in any given place. Just click this site for the interesting information you want to find out. This is a complete collection of data about the elected officials in any specific town, municipality and city located in the Philippines.

Farm. A tract of land located in Malaybalay City and Lantapan town in Bukidnon province where we cultivate for the purpose of agricultural production like sugar, coffee, orchard, rice and corn.
Rice and Corn Milling. Also located in Linabo, Malaybalay in Bukidnon where we process rice and corn ensure softness.
Harvest and Cut Flowers in Bukidnon. Our principal product is Anthurium and Bromeliads.
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